HPC and Cloud Computing Applications Journal

HCCAJ (HPC and Cloud Computing Applications Journal) publishes regular research papers, short communications, reviews and visionary papers in all aspects of cloud technologies and High Performance Computing Applications. There is no restriction on the length of the papers. Regular research papers are full original findings with sufficient experimental research. They make substantial theoretical and empirical contributions to the research field. Research papers should be written as concise as possible. Short communications report novel research ideas. The work represented should be technically sound and significantly advancing the state of the art. Short communications also include exploratory studies and methodological articles.  Articles should focus such experiences and techniques, as well as methods for analyzing and applying algorithms and solution schemes related to particular application areas. Articles that document the complexity of maximizing performance for real world applications are of particular interest.

Research reviews are insightful and accessible overview of a certain field of research. They conceptualize research issues, synthesize existing findings and advance the understanding of the field. They may also suggest new research issues and directions. Visionary papers identify new research issues and future research directions, and describe new research visions in the field. The new visions will potentially have great impact for the future society and daily life.

- Cloud Computing

- Grid and Cluster Computing

- Parallel Programming

- GPU Computing

- BigData 

- Nano Computation

- HPC applications (

  • Aerodynamics and aerospace engineering;
  • Astrophysics and geophysics;
  • Atmospheric research and meteorological forecasting;
  • Automotive design and production;
  • Climate modeling;
  • Computer graphics and imaging;
  • Molecular biology and molecular dynamics;
  • Petroleum reservoir engineering and hydrology;
  • Pharmaceutical structural analysis and computer-aided design;
  • Physical oceanography;
  • Quantum chemistry and first principles molecular dynamics;
  • Solid state physics, and structural dynamics.)



Vol 1, No 1 (2015), HPC and Cloud Computing Applications Journal, Volume 1 Number 1 Oct 2015

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Vol 1, No 1 (2015)

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zohreh dabiri, Ali Kazempour
mansor molavi
Amin Nezarat, Mohamad Sheikh Mohseni
Amin Nezarat, GH. Dastghaibifard
Amin Nezarat, Farshad Khunjush
Amin Nezarat